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SCY records: women | men (posted 7/19/14)
LCM records: women | men (posted 12/6/12)
SCM records: women | men (posted 7/19/14)

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SCY: swum by May 31, published in August
LCM: swum by Sept. 30, published in December
SCM: swum by Dec. 31, published in April

Note: Swims in a given venue (SCY, LCM, SCM) after a deadline will be reported for the following year's USMS Top 10 lists


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FGC Records: Cav Cavanaugh
Dixie Zone Records: Ed Saltzman
Dixie Zone Top 10: Andy Dyer
USMS Records/Top 10 (pool): Mary Beth Windrath
USMS Records (long distance): Heather Hagadorn

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